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In May 2012 two old friends had a fabulous dinner and some cups of fine tea at the wonderful West Lake near Hangzhou, not far from Shanghai. Fascinated by the Chinese development for luxury travel and lifestyle which they had experienced already the days before in cities which at that time were almost unknown in the Western world, like Yangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, or Hangzhou, they had the idea to start a blog focusing on the development of the Chinese luxury market. Soon they started to bear the Jin Sha Blog (JSB). In Mandarin “Jin Sha“ literally means “Golden Sand“, and at the same time this term refers to the inspiring location where it all started: At the Jin Sha Restaurant of the Four Seasons Resort Hangzhou at West Lake.




JSB is devoted to follow the luxury and lifestyle market in the Chinese world. It scrutinizes the best hotels and restaurants, as well as other places of the luxury traveler’s interest via personal reports by selected authors. Likewise news from the Chinese luxury travel markets is granted an equally important role. Luxury suppliers are considered as co-operation partners. This means we accept invitations by selected vendors but underline our editorial independence. In context with our editorial work we do not accept any payments by these suppliers. Competent travel writers are invited to provide guest articles. Due to the exceptionally high interest of Chinese consumers in luxury topics we have started to provide Chinese translations of some of our articles.




The JSB icon was created by the Vietnamese designer Duy Nghĩa Lê, a resident of Chinatown in Saigon who declares himself a fan of Jin Yong novels. We instantly fell in love with his abstract dragon, presumably a baby dragon that looks towards a bright future.  //  Learn about the develpment process of our logo here // At the same time the minimalistic creature is expressing harmony by reminding us of the yin yang symbol. In the Chinese mythology the dragon symbolizes physical power, mental strength, and good luck. Once it was the symbol of the Emperor of China, hence it is without a doubt also connected with luxury issues. People who were born in the year of the dragon are said to be very active, brave and powerful. We founded the JSB in the year of the dragon. What a promising coincidence!




Stephan Burianek is a freelance writer for travel, culture and lifestyle topics. His articles are regularly published in high-profile newspapers and magazines in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He was introduced to the luxury travel & lifestyle market over the years during his work for the leading German luxury hotel magazine „Connoisseur Circle“, where he has his own column. / www.burianek.net


Stefan Tauchhammer
is co-owner of the Austrian “Society“ magazine and at the same time a connoisseur for luxury travelling as well as for Chinese language and culture. / www.fitfuerchina.org






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