News: Silks Place affected by landslide

Taroko landslide | © 胡香香 (via Facebook)Today we received the news that the Silks Place (reviewed on May 2nd) is currently closed down due to a huge landslide after heavy rain. Internet and telephone are broken at the moment. No one was injured inside the hotel.


The China News reports that 600 people are trapped in the gorge at the moment. One rock hit a car and injured two people. The road is estimated to be open again next week after clearing out some big rocks and mug.


[Update from May 21st: The hotel re-opened today, but nevertheless the landslide area (Highway No. 8 at 181.4km “Baisha Bridge” ) is still under construction and opens for only 3 times a day for passage: 07:30-8:30 / 12:00-13:00 / 17:30-18:30. If you plan to travel to the Silks Place, then have a look at the latest updates on the hotel website.]


The China News report

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